5 Ways to Accessorize your home for the Winter

Winter is a time where we seek the warmth and comfort of our home. How can we make our home feel like a welcoming retreat if it feels like it is cool yet depressing? By making small changes in accessories.  As I was browsing the blogosphere, Lauren McPhillips, who wrote an article from Style At Home  points out 10 ways we can accessorize our home for the winter. Below are my favorite five.

  • Cashmere Throw. I find that incorporating a throw to your living space definitely adds the richness and texture of a room bringing an inviting and warm feeling.
  • Winter soap. Change up your soap to make it winter fresh.
  • Artwork. Artwork can be used to embrace the remembrance of winter is a cool, warm, and comfort way not that of a depressing time.
  • Candles. What more can I say about candles. I truly like all type of candles especially the ones that have the vanilla scent to them. Using candles in my opinion always softens and warms a room. Yankee candles gives me inspiration
  • Firewood container. Keep your firewood in a vintage style bucket so that you can use your firewood to light a fire to heat up during the winter months.

Another favorite that the article did not point out is including a cozy corner by bringing in an over-stuff chair, lamp, and table. With this you can curl up in your chair with a good book drinking you favorite tea, coffee, or hot chocolate for the winter time.

What is the best way you have found to bring warm and comfort to your place during the winter season?

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