Baltimore CondoLoft: The Ultimate Baltimore Real Estate Blog and Baltimore CondoDomain’s Commission Refund Program

Our Blog – The BaltimoreCondoLoft and our main website to search all Baltimore condos for sale have a truly a unique setup.. At the same time, our system can be slightly confusing, and so this article is focused on explaining exactly how we work, and exactly why you will love to visit BaltimoreCondoLoft on a daily basis, as well as why you will love to work with CondoDomain in the future.

To start off, what is The BaltimoreCondoLoft? The BaltimoreCondoLoft is your ultimate Baltimore real estate blog. While we do focus on Baltimore Condos and Baltimore Lofts, we offer so much more. We want to provide content on not just Baltimore Condo buildings, but also their communities. Not only do we want to share information on their communities, but also their quirks and eccentricities that make them unique. From these articles, blog posts, and videos, we hope that you gain access to all the pertinent information about Baltimore real estate, and furthermore, Baltimore lifestyle. Once you are in a position in which you are ready to move into your favorite Baltimore neighborhood that was featured in one of our videos, or buy your dream Baltimore condo that you read about on BaltimoreCondoLoft, that’s where the main CondoDomain Baltimore website comes in.

There are three things that set CondoDomain apart from the traditional real estate agency:

1. Our agents, 2. Our use of technology, 3. Our buyer commission refund program.

1. Our Agents

Our agents at CondoDomain are not your father’s real estate agents. CondoDomain has young, energetic agents that specialize in Baltimore’s urban real estate and luxury condo market. Agents at CondoDomain are specifically focused on the buyer, and don’t represent the seller. Furthermore, agents are compensated the exact same amount, regardless of the price of the unit. This translates into laid back agents, no pressure on the buyer, and an actual relationship between the two.

2. Our Web 2.0 Model

Why should real estate hunting be stressful? That’s right, it shouldn’t…it should be fun. You are moving into the DC condo you’ve always dreamed of, so the process should be just as exciting. Through CondoDomain’s DCCondoLoft Blog, you can narrow down your top DC community and or building choices right from the comfort of your computer if you choose. After watching one of our video tour building spotlights or reading one of our blogs about a neighborhood that you want to become a part of, get in contact with us, just the way you would your friends. Email us, twitter us, Facebook us, or call us. From there, we will be able to answer any and every question you have, and set you on your way to making your dream life in a DC condo a reality.

3. Our buyer commission refund program

And we saved the buyer’s best for last. With our buyer commission refund program, if you purchase a property through CondoDomain, we actually send YOU a check. Yes, you read that right… YOU get a commission refund check! On average in 2009, our clients received cash back checks of more than $10,000. That’s a nice of chunk of change. There are two different options to choose from with the commission refund program, and you can read all about them and about how it works here. gives you the opportunity to search for your ideal place to live in a pressure free atmosphere, and gives you money back once you decide on where you’re moving in!

Here are some major differences between us and “traditional” real estate companies:

DC Condos DC CondoDomain

So, that’s it. Well, not totally it, but as much as I can explain in this short article. To find out more about our program, or if you have any questions at all , please e-mail me at And on the BaltimoreCondoLoft front, please, let us know what you want to see featured in our next video or blog post. We are always looking for suggestions!

Thanks and I look forward to hearing from you!

Simon Landau

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