Details Alert! Baltimore Real Estate Stats by Neighborhood and Zip Code

If you’re detailed-oriented, I have some awesome links that you’re going to appreciate. And while I don’t tend to get too link happy, I think that these provide some great stats worth looking at.

A few days ago, Jamie Smith from the Baltimore Sun compiled a nice collection of detailed information on the Baltimore real estate market. After all, what use is broad information on the Baltimore market if you want neighborhood specifics, or even a ZIP code-by-ZIP code analysis?

My favorite link she provided is of colorful maps which show the change in average price last year in the region’s ZIP codes and the city’s neighborhoods. There are also maps showing changes in the Baltimore region and city over the past year.

Lauren Custer has also provided a searchable database according to ZIP code, which categorizes the stats from home sales in 2008 and 2009.

But as everyone knows, ZIP codes tend to hide a lot of variation according to actual neighborhood stats. No fear.  Find an Excel file with sales by neighborhood here.

And after you’ve searched to your heart’s content, return to CondoDomain and look up listings in those same neighborhoods!

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