MetroStudy Shows that Baltimore Condo Market is On the Rise

More good stuff from The Baltimore Sun’s “real estate wonk” Jaime Smith Hopkins.  According to a report created by Kenneth Wenhold, the director of MetroStudy’s Mid-Atlantic division, Baltimore’s housing market is on the rise, and Hopkins wrote a blog about the analysis.  While the report detailed how far ahead Washington, DC is of most cities in terms of a real estate rebound, Hopkins wrote that Baltimore is doing better than many as well.

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“Wenhold says the Baltimore area looks good relative to the rest of the country, ” Hopkins wrote.  “And he said proximity to D.C. ‘is a big help.'”

While there are other reasons for Baltimore’s relative success, there is no doubt that DC is helping Baltimore out.  The amount of jobs that are coming out of Washington paired with the DC Condo frenzy is rubbing off on the Charm City as well.

“When two cities are so close together, they can’t help but have some effect on each other,” Hopkins wrote.  “It’s not always the effect people might expect, of course — but in case this turns out to be an “as Washington goes, so goes Baltimore” situation, we might as well pay some attention to our neighbor to the south.”

Read Hopkins’ entire blog here.  Get in on one of the better condo markets in the country and contact us to tour a Baltimore condo!

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