Off-Topic Poll of The Week: Could You Complete the Test Haynesworth Keeps Failing?

Pretty simple question for this week’s CondoDomain Baltimore nation poll.  It’s not about downtown Baltimore Condominiums, or new Baltimore properties. Instead it’s about the Washington Redskins Defensive Lineman Albert Haynesworth who continues to fail the team’s conditioning test.

DC Condominiums

The test is a set of two 300 yard shuttle sprints.  The first shuttle run has to be completed under 70 seconds, and the 2nd under 73 seconds.  So, this edition of poll of the week is as follows:

We at CondoDomain Baltimore don’t specialize in football or shuttle runs.  We are focused on finding YOU the downtown Baltimore Condo of your dreams!

Check out all of our listings on CondoDomain Baltimore and contact one of our agents for more details!

And remember to vote…we need your input on Sir Haynesworth.

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