Snowpocalypse II: What are Your Plans for the White-Out?

As the hours pass it appears as though this snow storm is beyond the real deal.  It seems as though every time I check a weather update the predictions increase.  After hearing earlier in the week that we might get 9 inches of snow, and then hearing yesterday a foot or more might be on the way, the latest report is 18-24 inches.  Wow.  And to think I wrote three days ago that Spring was inching near.  Guess Puxatony Phil might be more legit than I thought.

DC Snowpocalypse II

So, as we prepare to be absolutely smothered by the white blanket that is being dubbed various titles from the not so family friendly “Snogasm” to the most widely used name “Snowpocalypse II”, what are your plans?  Many  Baltimore residents are buying food tonight and tomorrow so that they won’t need to venture outside of home.  Some are going to the liquor store with hopes of bringing the party to their place.  And others are searching for where the best public snowball fight will occur.  What’s your plan???

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