Top Ten Reasons to Own a Condo in a Blizzard

East Lombard Covered in Snow

I’ll begin this post with a story.
My father recently sent me the following picture from my family’s home in Northern Virginia with the following message: “Your car needs cleaned off.” After some careful anaylsis, I figured out that the picture was in fact my old Jeep, parked by my family’s garage, and sufficiently buried in snow.

Car Buried in Virginia

I left my old car at home for my younger sister to use – but naturally, it’s suddenly mine when it has nearly three Walking 450 Feet to the Drivewayfeet of snow on top and I’m miles away. A series of pictures and text messages followed: apparently, parking their other cars at the top of thier 450 foot driveway was a good idea until they realized they would have to walk said distance all the way to the street (see left).

Guess the whole concept of moving out to the country may have failed us after all. Before moving to rural Northern Virginia, my family lived in Alexandria, close to the Jamieson. If it snowed, there wasn’t much to clean off – just the railing I guess.  The cars were inside the car port (p.s. Dad: shouldn’t you have left the car inside the garage?), the sidewalks were magically cleaned by someone else, and after waiting a half day we could be out of the development, into the mall at Pentagon City, and hardly step outdoors.  What ’96 Blizzard?

When you cruise the news, everything’s about the snow – and most everything is negative, and the keyword is “closed.” And let’s be honest: it’s a pretty bleak picture when people in Chicago and Minneapolis are feeling bad for you.

But for all the condo owners out there, there’s a reason to celebrate:  you’ve got the benefits when it comes to the Snowcapalypse. And since everyone needs a little optimism, I present:
The Top 10 Reason to Own a Condo in a Blizzard!

(…sorry, no David Letterman fanfare, but I’ll go for counting down.)

1. The driveway is someone else’s problem.
2. Pizza Hut still delivers (okay, on the second day).
3. Lucky China restaurant still delivers (okay, a week later).
4. Your total snow removal job is to brush off the patio railing.
5. Snow drifts are unlikely to cover your windows.
6. There’s a party going on somewhere in the building.
7. You get to look down on other people clearing a path for you to get to the mall, from the warmth of your own home.
8. There’s finally something meaningful to talk about in the elevator.
9. You finally get something for those condo fees.
10. When you drive over to visit your parents, your own car looks like it just came from the carwash, while your dad’s fancy coup looks like a minvan with its two feet of snow on the roof.

Moral of the story? Check out condo listings in Baltimore today!

Or, if you already own a condo… feel a little warmer inside for your excellent choice of housing. Throw a party or something. And feel free to add any further benefits of condominium living in Narnia – I mean, Baltimore.

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