Top Ten Spring 2018 Home Interior Trends

I love interior design. There are so many ways to decorate your home. According to MSN Lifestyle, they list the ten hottest spring/summer 2018 interior trends. These ten are:

Embellishments – These include macrame, fringing, or feathers.

Ice Cream Colors – Gelato colors are a huge trend.

Geometric – When I think of geometric, I think of them being on sofas and cushions. Take it further and include it on wallpaper and art.

Foliage– it appears that houseplants are becoming the must-have to buy for homes as they bring health benefits.

Indigo Blues.

This photo came from MSN Lifestyle








– this simply means to shade in fabric to cushions, or rugs.

Glittery Gold – this could be in the detail of a door knob and handles or even picture frames.

Color Pops– this means mixing bright bold colors together.







Tropical – When I think of tropical I think of the Caribbean in which I can create  that look as if I am in the Caribbean.

Shimmery Floors – this is the new concept for carpet which is a combination of    blush, grey, and lilac look.


Source: MSN Lifestyle

Tell us what you think. What is your favorite spring 2018 home interior trend? You can provide your comments below.


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