Unbiased Baltimore Condo Reviews: A Call to Action for BaltimoreCondoLoft Nation

Today there was a comment sent to DCCondoloft from a reader named “Richko”.  Richko had sent me a message asking me a question regarding the blog, and I asked him what HE would like to see posted on BaltimoreCondoloft and DCCondoloft.  A portion of Richko’s response read as follows:

“As to your question back to me, what I’d really like to see are objective condo reviews from people who have owned in them (preferably still do own), although I realize negative reviews wouldn’t serve your purpose (nor those of resellers or current owners!) very well. There doesn’t seem to be a place for such reviews online along the lines of apartmentratings.com, but a shopper can dream, right?

In any case, as a condo shopper I welcome any additional well-done sites that are useful sources of info, so best of luck to you.”

Richko’s point is a very true one: While I can write about Baltimore condos and describe the buildings and communities all day, I have not lived in said properties. Therefore, in a move that we think will somewhat satisfy Richko’s request, we at BaltimoreCondoloft are going to try something new, something a little crazy:

We’re hiring Gary Coleman as our spokesman.

DC Condos

No, no I’m just kidding…did I get ya?  No, I didn’t? That came out of nowhere and made no sense?

Yeah, I figured.

But we are gonna try something new that we hope will provide a little help to the Richko’s of the world.  We are asking for you, the BaltimoreCondoLoft reader, to submit unbiased property reviews as comments on this blog story.  What is good about your condo and what is bad?  Take into account the neighborhood and, of course, your building itself.  Try to be as objective as possible, on both sides of the spectrum.  Think of it as helping out your Baltimore brethren.

So, this is your turn to sound off BaltimoreCondoLoft Nation.  What makes your building amazing or unbearable? What are the neighborhood’s positives and negatives? Let others know, here and now.

Oh, and thanks Richko, hope this helps you out.

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