Winter Weather and the Baltimore Real Estate Market

Snowy Baltimore

Although the numbers have looked good regarding the current condition of the Baltimore real estate market, the blizzard may end up reigning in the advances made since December. With more wintry weather predicted for Monday and Tuesday (please, don’t shoot the messenger), and piles of snow still looming in backyards and parking lots, a serious appraisal of the snow’s effect on the Baltimore real estate market is under way.

First of all, as the Business Journal reported earlier today, progress on new construction and renovation projects has been significantly slowed, driving up costs that builders will be forced to absorb. Numerous contractors who began construction shortly before the Snowcapalypse found their projects buried in snow – those who had yet to begin breaking ground are forced to shuffle employees and deal with the debilitating effects of late starts.

Besides the effects on largescale projects, effects on homeowners are strenuous and taxing. If you’re a homeowner now, don’t forget to clear out your gutters (they risk breaking under all this weight), and if you haven’t already, raking off your roof.

Keep in mind amidst the mess is that these are extreme conditions. Buyers should take note that these conditions are abnormal in the Baltimore area – homes that are usually well-maintained may be experiencing issues which are specific to the unusual weather circumstances. Current conditions are not a true representation of how a home may usually handle rough weather.

As the area gears up for another potential couple inches, patience is necessary. Check out listings on CondoDomain and contact us for a tour this weekend to beat the snow.

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